Whoever travels in search of knowledge, God will make his path to heaven easy.

(HR. Muslim)

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Strengthen Faith

Being a good Muslim is an effort that should be consistent throughout our lives for the sake get grace, mercy and good reward from God.


1. Keep on reading Quran
You can learn a lot from the translation of the Qur’an. Some translations may be more difficult to understand than others. The most widely used English translation in the west is from Abdullah Yusuf Ali and Pickthall. But it is better if you seek guidance from people who study the Qur’an rather than relying on yourself to interpret the Qur’an. At every mosque there is usually someone who will be happy to guide and help you learn more about Islam, some even have a “New Muslim” study circle which is a great place to start. Be careful, but relaxed, in choosing someone you feel comfortable with and you believe has enough knowledge to teach you well.


2. Learn more about Islam and choose 1 mazhab and/or fiqih way
In Sunni Islam, the laws and procedures for performing worship are divided into four schools of thought. Study all the Schools and choose the one that suits you. Following one School will give you an understanding of the laws and procedures of worship in Islam as stated in the main sources of Islamic teachings (Al Qur’an and Hadith). Please remember that all these Schools are valid. The recognized schools are:

  • Hanafi. The Hanafi School was founded by Imam Abu Hanifah Nu’man bin Thabit and is the most followed and the most well-informed School in English, spanning secular Turkish to Ultra-Orthodox and Barelvis Deobandi. Most Hanafi followers live in the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent, Turkey, Eastern Iran, parts of Egypt and non-Muslim majority countries.
  • Shafi’i. The Shafi’i School, founded by Imam Muhammad Asy-Shafi’i, is a school with the second largest number of followers and the majority are in Egypt and East Africa as well as Yemen, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Shafi’i school is known for its complex legal system.
  • Maliki. The Maliki school was founded by Imam Abu Anas Malik who was a student of Imam Abu Hanifah. This school is predominantly found in northern and northwestern Africa, as well as in Saudi Arabia. Imam Maliki lived and taught in Medina and one of his most famous followers was Hamza Yusuf.
  • Hambali. The Hambali School was founded by Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and is practised almost exclusively in Saudi Arabia, with some followers in the west. The Hambali School places great emphasis on religious beliefs and practices and is considered the most violent and conservative.


3. Put effort into always trying to be a good Muslim
Even if you are angry, sad, or upset, your job in this world is to be a good person who is useful to others. Muslims believe that Allah created humans to have a good and happy life. Use your abilities and talents to help others and improve society. Be open minded, and never harm anyone.

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